What are cookies?

As soon as you visit a website, small simple text files (also called cookies) are saved onto your computer and/or mobile phone. These text files are saved so that the website you visit, can recognize your computer and/or mobile phone. This way you do not have to fill in the same information every time you visit a website and/or log in again.

On we also make use of cookies. We do this so you can always remain logged in and therefore not have to fill in your user name and password every time. That is, if you have got the option “Stay logged in” checked when logging in, that is.

In the cookies no personal data are saved by our websites, like your e-mail address. Cookies are therefore no "evil programs", but just simple text files.

There are also cookies being placed on behalf of our statistical system (Google Analytics), our advertisement system (Google AdSense/Ad Manager) and to be able to offer functions for social media. For example, they ensure that you will only see certain banners for a limited amount of times and that these are tuned to the visitor. Click here for more information on how Google uses data when you visit sites, for example

Remove and manage cookies

As soon as cookies are saved on your computer and/or mobile phone, only you yourself can remove these. This can be done in various ways and depends on the browser you are using. Read more on removing and managing cookies in:

Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla FireFox
Apple Safari
Apple Safari iOS

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